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Statement of Principles Regarding Nutrition and Health

As producers, processors and marketers of the nation's beef supply, we are committed to providing a wholesome, nutritious food and to communicating accurate information about beef's nutritional qualities and the role of beef in a healthful diet.

We pledge to use the following principles to guide our actions and communications about beef in regard to nutrition and health.

1. We will provide factual, scientifically supported information about beef to help consumers make informed choices about what they eat.

2. We believe that overwhelming scientific evidence shows that dietary balance, variety and moderation coupled with appropriate physical activity provides the foundation for a healthful life and we support the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid in that regard.

3. We are committed to conducting and participating in programs to actively disseminate accurate information about the nutritional advantages of beef which support and extend the important consumer messages in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid.

4. We recognize the important role of health professionals and nutrition educators in providing nutrition information and are committed to working with them and their professional organizations to communicate accurate information about nutrition and health.

5. While we believe that dietary balance, variety, moderation and physical activity are the keys to health, we also encourage individuals with specific health concerns that require dietary modification to consult a physician followed by nutrition counseling from a Registered Dietitian.

6. We will support research on the nutritional qualities of beef and will accurately communicate research findings to help consumers make informed decisions about their diet.

7. We recognize that consumers want foods that are good tasting and convenient as well as nutritious and will support research to provide beef products that meet these consumer desires.

Adopted by Board of Directors
National Cattlemen's Beef Association
August 1997
© 2003 NCBA

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