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What you think about yourself is what really matters, not the opinions of others.
• You can't please everyone all the time, but you can be the best person you can be. At the end of the day, that is what really matters.

Being popular is all a state of mind.
• Focus on being the kind of person YOU want to be friends with - someone who is kind and caring, and who is generous to family and friends . People will want to spend time with you. That is how you make and keep plenty of friends.

Be independent! Learn how to enjoy time without your friends.
• Hang out with your parents, sisters and brothers. They can be fun, too!
• Fly solo sometimes. You'll find yourself to be good company.

Pick your friends. Don't necessarily let them pick you.
• Find loyal friends who care about you and what happens to you.
• Choose friends who share your values. You can work together to stay on the road to success and help each other from getting involved in the wrong things.

Make a list and check it twice!
• Write a list of all the strengths you have. Include your skills, abilities, and personality characteristics -everything that you can think of. Try to come up with between 10 and 20 great things about yourself.
• Keep this list by your bed or carry it with you. Keep adding accomplishments about your school and after-school activities, even the compliment you received for the tasty snack you made for you and your friends!
• Look at the growing list when you aren't feeling great about yourself.

It's not about being "perfect." Don't worry about being the skinniest, prettiest, smartest and most athletic. Instead, focus on being the best you can be. Enjoy your successes no matter how big or small!

Special tips from Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D.
From her book See Jane Win for Girls

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