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Eat smart and stay in shape.
To stay energized and feel great, exercise regularly and choose foods from all of the food groups.

Eat a variety of foods.
By eating foods like beef, bagels, yogurt, vegetables and fruit, you will stay on top of your game.

Stay active.
As little as one hour of activity each day makes a big difference – even 10-minute increments count!

Drink plenty of water.
At least eight glasses a day – and even more when you're exercising – are essential.

Getting enough sleep is key.
Eight or more hours of sleep each night will help you stay alert in school and have enough energy for after-school events.

Make time for fun.
It's important for you to take a "time out" to enjoy favorite activities like drawing, playing board games, gardening, shopping or cooking with mom or dad.

Keep your chin up.
When things are frustrating or challenging, try to stay positive – negativity will get you nowhere.

Try to lead a full, but balanced life.
Being active, eating and sleeping right, and spending time with family and friends makes you feel great about yourself.

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